Extruded Plastic Profiles in Polycarbonate and PMMA Material.

PTH is specialized in the production of custom-made Plastic ProfilesPlastic TubesLighting Profiles and Tubes and LED Plastic Diffuser and Tubes.

PTH extrude in a large variety of materials Plastic Profiles in PCPMMA, BLENDS, ABS, PVC with different finishes such as : 

We produce also Transparent Tubes, Opal Tubes, Frost Tubes and SatinTubes for the use in Lighting, display, LED applications and Industrial and Packaging industry.

Our production focuses on Plastic Profiles, Plastic Diffusers, Plastic Tubes, LED Profiles and all kinds of Custom-made Plastic Profiles products produced according to the customer’s specifications in order to fit in any type of Lighting system, LED applications. 

We always customising the design with the best technical features. 

PTH GROUP develop all kinds of geometries and materials following the current market trends that demand for ageing resistance, a high level of transparency and noble finishes, in order to provide the final product with an added quality value. 

Regarding LED profiles, we have a wide range of solutions for display units, recessed lighting, linear lighting, bathroom lighting, partition lighting, furniture lighting, surface mounted lighting and decorative lighting. 

PTH manufactures the LED Extruded Plastic Profiles and LED Plastic Diffusers in Polycarbonate and PMMA for a correct diffusion of the light spot. 

We offer our customers the complete set that makes up the LED Plastic Profiles. 

The LED Diffuser and the Aluminium LED Profiles that act at the same time as support and cooling element, as well as the terminals and the fastening clip. 

PTH GROUP produces Profiles, Dffusers, LED Profiles and Lighting and LED Tubes with architectural designs, for bathroom lighting, strip lighting, electric tracks, made of Polycarbonate, PMMA or Methacrylate with a transparent, textured, diffusing, frosted, satin finish. 

The Transparent Tubes are widely used in Lighting applications.

Plastic Tubes are produced in PMMA Transparent, Opal and Satin material and in Polycarbonate Transparent, Opal and Satin material in several different diameters and following customers’ specifications.


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